How Christians Can Stand Against Tyranny

As followers of Christ, we know we will face trials and tribulation in this life. There are times in which the trials of life seem far too great for us to stand against. For example, how can we possibly stand against the tyranny of a world government that seeks to make itself the ultimate authority? We know that Christians must stand against the idea of world government, but how? The answer is not overly complex, yet it is not an easy task.

Here are three beginning steps involved in the process of standing against tyranny...

  1. Trust and obey Jesus Christ

  2. Recognize that we are responsible for standing firm on God's Word

  3. Pray and overcome evil by doing good

Trusting in Jesus requires that we depend on the Word of God for truth and for life (Hebrews 4:12). This means that if we are dependent on someone or something else, e.g., government, money, healthcare, etc., we must repent and give our complete allegiance to the King of kings. Obeying God requires that we submit to His authority above all other authority (Matthew 28:18). We must obey the Great Commission and the Great Commandment. We must stand firm (Ephesians 6:13) on the Lord in order to stand against tyranny. We must not act as though we have been defeated before the battle is over (Romans 8:31). We must not worry about what the results will be. While ultimately we know that Jesus will win the war in the end, we must not rely solely upon that victory as our weapon against the enemy. Jesus is coming back, but He wants us to occupy until He comes (Luke 19:13). He has given us weapons for the fight against tyranny (Ephesians 6:11-15), but we must not be so afraid of evil that we fail to even use them. We must lovingly and respectfully confront the evil and lies in our culture, and we must overcome evil with good (Romans 12:21).

This is not an exhaustive list, but here are some additional steps that we can take to stand against tyranny...

  1. Love God and love our neighbor in the ways He loves us

  2. Preach all of God's Word in the public square

  3. Grow in knowledge of and love for God's Word

  4. Pray for our governing authorities - specifically that they would be obedient to Christ

  5. Obey God first and respectfully submit to governing authorities (in general)

  6. Teach our children to be obedient to Christ in all things

  7. Communicate God's truths to our governing authorities and all people (write to our representatives)

  8. Run for office (this is not for everyone but there are believers who have been called to this)

  9. Vote for sincere followers of Christ

  10. Learn about our form of government in the USA (Constitutional Republic) and fight for it

  11. Support Christian organizations that promote freedom

  12. Become more dependent upon God and less dependent on the government

God has established three institutions, which are the Church, the family (marriage), and the state. The Church is the most vital institution of the three, but all of them are important. We must fight to bring the Gospel to each of these institutions. While we must not idolize any of these institutions, we must also not neglect any of them. The question is not whether we should be involved in these institutions, but how. There is no secret formula to defeating tyranny, but a good first step in standing against it is to engage our culture with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We have been too quiet for far too long. It is long past time for us to speak up!

We must become more dependent upon God and less dependent upon the government (and the world). This is true for church, health, food, education, politics, philosophy, science, and every other sphere in life. Our representatives need to hear the Gospel and they need our prayers. We must remember that Jesus has full authority over the earth. Let's finally recognize that we're in a fight against tyranny formed from evil ideas. This fight cannot be won without God, but we absolutely have a role in it. Hope is only found in Jesus, but He is always with us. Let's put away our fear and our worry, and clothe ourselves with the whole armor of God to stand against tyranny and the schemes of the enemy.

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